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Hoist Cranes

New standards in technology and benefits for the user.

Overhead Material Handling - Overhead Cranes

The DH Wire Rope Hoist concept is future technology today

Overhead Material Handling - Overhead Cranes Overhead Material Handling - Overhead Cranes

Demag Cranes and Components has been building cranes and hoists for more than 180 years. During this time almost 2 million hoists have been delivered worldwide for most known applications.

Quality, advanced technology and experience have made Demag Cranes and Components the industry leader for hoist technology. A reputation we intend to maintain. The philosophy of Demag has always been to design for a long product life, and not a succession of short-lived models.

We have incorporated state-of-the-art electrical/mechanical engineering and electronics, in order to offer our customers future-oriented hoist technology which will still be "modern" in the years to come.

The Demag Wire Rope Hoist sets new standards:

Modular construction from matched components manufactured by us to provide a wide range of hoist models and sizes.

For unlimited applications.

Low maintenance. Simple operation. High reliability.

The application of electronics and micro-processor technology for monitoring functions.

Engineered with environmental protection and energy saving objectives. Suitable for automated installations.

Demag DH Wire Rope Hoist units — future technology, today.

Demag DC-Pro Chain Hoist

The new industry standard

Overhead Material Handling - Demag DC Pro Chain Hoist

Demag Cranes & Components has always set their own high standards in terms of quality and innovation. The DC-Pro Chain Hoist is no exception, providing many innovative standard features that you would expect to get from the worldwide market leader in chain hoists. The unique features of the DC-Pro Chain Hoist allow you to achieve a high level of productivity, easy maintenance, and a high degree of reliability.


The DC-Pro Chain Hoist is available in two different control configurations: as the DC Chain Hoist with a DSC or DSE control Pendant control or as the DCM-Pro Manulift for quickly handling loads with only one hand. The DCM-Pro is equipped with the proven "Manulift" control pendant and its quick disconnect coupling allows you to interchange a variety of load handling attachments.


Overhead Material Handling - Overhead Cranes

KBK push travel trolley — which run protected inside the KBK girders and require no maintenance — allow easy manual traversing of your Demag DK Chain Hoist. In case of electrically driven KBK trolley, large friction wheels ensure reliable transmission of the drive torque and quiet operation.