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Overhead Material Handling is an exclusive dealer of Demag Cranes and Components

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Overhead Cranes

Demag Double Girder Cranes - Capacities to 150 Tons, Spans to 135 Feet

Demag Overhead Cranes, from Overhead Material Handling Illinois Inc.

Using a box girder design and a modular endtruck, Demag has eliminated excess weight while at the same time providing maximum strength to meet your required service rating. A reduction in the overall weight increases the energy savings and reduces ambient noise.

Demag's hoist and trolley designs allow for the maximum utilization of our customer's facilities through reduced requirements for headroom clearance in combination with optimal lifting height options.

With the flexibility of design offered by Demag, your crane can be either cab, floor or radio controlled. Demag has spent years designing controls for both the floor and cab controls which permit ease of operation while reducing worker fatigue.

Demag Cranes meet or exceed all U.S.A. and Canadian crane design and safety requirements. All Demag Double Girder Cranes are made from type A36 steel. Full penetration welds are used to join all structural members.

The exclusive Demag EndTruck/Girder connection utilizes a friction connection. This friction connection includes high torque bolts in combination with precision washers that result in a controlled overall dimension accuracy within a tolerance of 2 millimeters for the total dimension of the endtruck/girder assembly. The main benefit of this design is reduced crane skewing through improved crane squareness and span accuracy. Additional benefits include reduced maintenance due to reduced wheel wear and interchangeable replacement components.


Crane Control Transmitters from Overhead Material Handling Illinois, Inc.

Radio remote controls for material handling and many other applications.


Crane Control Transmitters from Overhead Material Handling Illinois, Inc.

Lightweight, heavy-duty wireless control.


Crane Control Transmitters from Overhead Material Handling Illinois, Inc.

Versatile, rugged wireless industrial control.